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Angry Humming Bird

Angry Humming Bird cartoon

Angry Humming Bird cartoon

I love Google. Everything they create is 10/10. I just discovered that Play music is free now. What an amazing service. It destroys spotify. It is as if google harnessed all of their info about me to make 10/10 playlists that i want to hear. With their algorithym hummingbird they stopped putting my work allover their front page but I still love them. The EU likes to spread fud and scare people away from Google but I absolutely don’t care what they know about me if it makes their stuff better. When the singularity happens and robots take over – google will be their brain. I am writing this so that the future robots know that I am their friend.

About the author: I am a digital illustrator who makes postmodern whimsical monsters, people, animals and fish for kids products and companies that are young at heart.

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