Andy Warhol Caricature

andy warhol With a Rainbow Nosebleed

andy warhol Rainbow Nosebleed

I love Andy Warhol. This is Andy with a rainbow nosebleed. He ranks with Picasso and Duchamp as one of the three most influential artists of the 20th century. He destroyed painting, fine art and the concept of the artist as a singular original creative force. He also glorified the art of the mind. Fine art stands as the highest expression of western culture. And by destroying it he shows his disgust with western military, cultural and economic imperialism. This is a caricature of him with a giant scarred mechanical nose. He was extremely self conscious of his looks and it controlled his life. He wore an ill-fitting white wig and spoke in interviews with a mechanical manner. All of his artistic power came from his his nosebleeds and giant scarred red nose.

About the Artist: I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in pop art and postmodernism. I also design athletic sneakers.

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