Easter Egg Monster

easter egg monster

Easter Egg Monster. Silly egg shaped monsters sometimes like to paint themselves with pastel colors for Easter. It is the height of good taste and restraint. As a kid, my birthday parties were always celebrated with easter egg hunts. I hated the heated Darwinist competition they stoked in my try-hard cousins. Collecting the most eggs was a life or death struggle that usually ended in torn clothes, yelling and some ugly ground and pound.

Movie Nerd Cartoon

glasses straw cartoon

Movie nerd cartoon. I miss the old days when renting videos was at the top of the list of things to do on a random weeknight. Vision Video in Athens, Georgia is the place I used to go – it had great independent and hard to find movies.  You can still see its ghost on Google Maps. That place made me into an unforgivable movie nerd. Fat nerd with a big gulp and campy straw glasses wearing a vision video t-shirt. Fedoracore.

Hoodie Monster Drinking Milk

monster drinking milk

Monster drinking milk through a straw. Monster with two heads wearing a hoodie. This guy never gets lonely. He has engrossing conversations with his other head about Pez dispensers, raves and dental floss .

Angry Smiley Face

angry smiley face purple

Angry Smiley Face Purple. Gus the smiley is so mad that he turned purple. He reminds me of Mad Ballz (I love youtube). This is the perfect icon for your social media profile. It is simple and bold and it reduces really well.

Giant Paint Tube Monument

Giant Paint Tube Monument

Giant Paint Tube Monument. I miss the 90s. This is a recreation of an assignment I had in an illustration class – of the Lamar Dodd buildng.  I still have dreams about that place. It makes me sad that they moved visual art to East campus. This is a giant tube of red paint with a crow perched on top. Pop Art sculpture.

Monarch Butterfly Cartoon

butterfly cartoon

I love spring. Scientists believe Monarchs are dwindling because of climate change. Plant Milkweed in your garden to help them. Monarch butterfly cartoon illustration for the portfolio. Orange monarch butterfly.

Spongebob Existential Angst

spongebob existential angst

Spongebob Existential Angst. You did WHAT to my crabby patty? What is going to happen when I get old? That Wolf-Rayet star is pointed where? Runaway greenhouse effect is a real thing? The Heartbleed bug does what to my web encryption? Please tell me that you are trolling.

Purple Wacom Stylus Cartoon Intuos

wacom stylus cartoon

Wacom stylus cartoon. This character is based on my beloved purple intuos 2 stylus. He has a twirly mustache and a finely honed visual wit. I miss my old intuos. That thing was built like a tank and it only died when I wore a hole in the drawing surface.

Water Bug Cartoon

red water bug

Red water bug that uses surface tension to skate across a pond’s surface oblivious to the fish that may be swimming in an unseen world under him. Cosmologists have used this metaphor to describe our relationship to extra dimensions and possible parallel universes.

Love Bomber

love bomber

The strategic love bomber can fly non stop at supersonic speed from the US to any country in the world and deliver its ordinance of love and tolerance. It was designed to fly under radar so that potential victims don’t even know that it is headed for them.